Pass a class as a parameter?

Pass a class as a parameter?

I have been lead to believe that it is possible to pass a class as a method parameter, but I'm having trouble implementing the concept. Right now I have something like:

- (id)navControllerFromView:(Class *)viewControllerClass                           title:(NSString *)title                       imageName:(NSString *)imageName {     viewControllerClass *viewController = [[viewControllerClass alloc] init];     UINavigationController *thisNavController =     [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController: viewController];      thisNavController.tabBarItem = [[UITabBarItem alloc]                                   initWithTitle: title                                           image: [UIImage imageNamed: imageName]                                             tag: 3];     return thisNavController; } 

and I call it like this:

rootNavController = [ self navControllerFromView:RootViewController     title:@"Contact"     imageName:@"my_info.png" ]; 

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- (id)navControllerFromView:(Class *)viewControllerClass 
It's just Class, without the asterisk. SHowing Activity Indicator View Using Thread Shows This Error in gdb?(Class isn't a class name; you're not passing a pointer to an instance of the Class class, you're passing a class itself.). Unable to push notifications to iPhone in .NET - .PEM certificate problem?
rootNavController = [ self navControllerFromView:RootViewController 
You can't pass a bare class name around like this—you have to send it a message. What's the difference between using obj-c accessors and using dot syntax?If you actually want to pass the class any where, you need to send it the class message. UIWebView scrollBy replacementThus:. Hide the tab bar when displaying the ABPeoplePickerNavigationController?
rootNavController = [ self navControllerFromView:[RootViewController class]         title:@"Contact"         imageName:@"my_info.png" ]; 
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Hey! It looks like you've almost got it. You want to pass [RootViewController class] instead of RootViewController. That gives you a Class value. Also, I don't think you want your function to take a "Class *", just a "Class." It's not actually an Objective-C object..


You haven't explained any problem with the code you've posted. What doesn't work? What are you expecting to happen? The only thing I must think of so far is this you might want to pass [RootViewController class] instead of just RootViewController. Also, your formatting is killing me..


In Swift:.
func acceptingFunction(aClass: AnyClass) {     ...  } 
call with:.

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