Online High Scores Solution [closed]

Online High Scores Solution [closed]

Can anybody advise solution for implementing online high scores table for iPhone game ? I mean simple engine to publish player result by http query and view global high scores table. I'm weak in PHP so trying to find existing solution first. Thanks.

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Here's a tutorial which has a downloadable "high Score" PHP script.

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You should know that there's a large number of people who will attempt to Game your high score table.

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They will try and cheat it by monitoring how you do the post, and doing the same with a new high score.

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Make sure that the high score is posted with a hash key (This needs to be salted, and it needs to hash the user name and the score posted).

The hash key can then be used to check the posted value was posted from your game.

. BTW - There are "High Score Hosting" providers out there.

That's craziness as it should be relatively simple to provide your own.



If you use the Cocoas 2D framework, I think they support some sort of global high score mechanism..

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