How do I set these break points in ~/.gdbinit?

How do I set these break points in ~/.gdbinit?

Here is a list of break points to put in ~/.gdbinit that are really helpful in debugging memory problems:

fb -[NSException raise] fb -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInFunction:file:lineNumber:description:] fb -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInMethod:object:file:lineNumber:description:]  #define NSZombies # this will give you help messages.  Set to NO to turn them off. set env MallocHelp=YES # might also be set in launch arguments. set env NSZombieEnabled=YES set env NSDeallocateZombies=NO set env MallocCheckHeapEach=100000 set env MallocCheckHeapStart=100000 set env MallocScribble=YES set env MallocGuardEdges=YES set env MallocCheckHeapAbort=1  set env CFZombie 5  fb -[_NSZombie init] fb -[_NSZombie retainCount] fb -[_NSZombie retain] fb -[_NSZombie release] fb -[_NSZombie autorelease] fb -[_NSZombie methodSignatureForSelector:] fb -[_NSZombie respondsToSelector:] fb -[_NSZombie forwardInvocation:] fb -[_NSZombie class] fb -[_NSZombie dealloc]  fb szone_error 

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The title of this indicates that you are asking how to set these in ~/.gdbinit but the first line of your detailed question indicates that you have the above in ~/.gdbinit?.
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What, exactly, is the problem, then?.
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I use something pretty similar and it works fine, but since much of this is fairly intrusive behavioral changes, I put it in a separate file (~/.gdbmem) and then source it as needed..
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My ~/.gdbinit is limited almost entirely to macro definitions that don't otherwise change the debugging session.

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Thus, the default behavior is minimal impact on debugging and I can source one of 2 additional files full of gdb config goop to automatically apply some relatively intrusive additional configuration to the environment..
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