How to determine where this memory leak is coming from?

How to determine where this memory leak is coming from?

How can I determine where this memory leak is coming from in my code? It doesn't reference anything but the "main" function in my application.

leak image

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It looks like you're endeavor to use NSZombieEnabled and leaks at the same time. EXC_BAD_ACCESS errorThese two diagnostic techniques don't job toreceive her--NSZombieEnabled makes all deallocated objects just stick around, so they will appear as leaks.. casting a NSString to char problem Simply turn off NSZombieEnabled and you should be set for this case.. Trying to include iPhone OpenGLES headers in C++ code
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As Joey said; you can't use Zombie Detection and Leak Detection at the same time.. You have Zombie Detection enabled in the Object Alloc instrument.. Turn off zombie detection and Leaks will job again.. The Leaks instrument really should detect this situation, thus I filed <rdar://problem/7139389> and have included a link to this article in the bug report..

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