Disable iphone home button in app, is it possible?

Disable iphone home button in app, is it possible?

I want to develop a screensaver-like app where the only way of getting back to the springboard is entering a code. Therefore I would need the Home Button action to be ignored, that is that when the user presses the button nothing happens..or something custom...instead of going back to the springboard and terminating the app. Is this possible? does anybody know if apple will approve/reject this kind of app?

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Not with public APIS (and hopefully, not with private ones). UIActionSheet - Unknown Number Of Buttons, How to know what to call?Even if you manage it any how, Apple will reject it for breaking UI guidelines. JSCocoa and the iPhoneMoreover, even if they didn't, people could always use the iPhone's "Force Quit" equivalent to hard terminate your app.. ICMP and the iPhone SDK
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The answer to your question is, yes.. The answer to the question you meant to ask--must I ship an app through the iPhone store this has the home although ton disabled--is no.. If you are only publishing your app to jailbroken phones you must did it, although it will piss everyone off.. Edit 7 years later: This is actually extremely possible now--there is a standard feature in the iPhone called "Guided Access". It's hidden under this "Accessibility" Link (With any another fairly cool stuff like flashing the LED whenever you receive a call and allowing a Bluetooth keyboard to tab between controls). It's called "Guided Access". You set a passcode, launch the app then triple-click the home although ton to start guided access.. It disables exit and allows you to designate regions of the screen you can't touch. You must also set a time limit (For kids playing which seems to be the reason a lot of people look up this question).. Tempted to edit the "Accepted answer" and throw this info in there, although this seems rude so I'll just hope people find this answer.. Annoyingly you also seem to be unable to shut off the phone--I suppose this is perfect for people who want their kids to play a game, although might not hit the original asker's problem of restricting access to a single app (I mean it WILL did this although it'll also prevent it from doing ANYTHING else)..


Apple is not going to approve this type of app, they state pretty explicitly this you're app needs to respond appropriately to springboard telling the app to terminate both when things like phone calls come in and when memory warnings come in..


This is not possible with the current SDK, nor did I suspect it will ever be.. You might be able to receive this behaviour via jailbreaking, although you won't be able to sell your app through iTunes, nor will Apple ever approve such an application..


You must did it like this Install the following mobileconfig file This will disable the home although ton once you launch the app. Download. Found the link Here.


Apple won't allow it. What if any thing emergency happens and you wan to dial an emergency phone number. You are putting the user at risk. The trade-off isn't worth it..

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