Porting Windows platform C++ to POSIX (Linux) C++ - WSAGetLastError()

Porting Windows platform C++ to POSIX (Linux) C++ - WSAGetLastError()

I am currently porting some Windows mobile C++ code to standard C++.

So I am trying to find alternatives for windows specific functions.

I have had very little luck in finding a standard C++ function that can help me replace the WSAGetLastError() windows specific function.

WSAGetLastError() returns error numbers for errors that occur with sockets in windows.

So I was wondering if anyone was aware of a way to replace this function in standard c++?

A way to get different error numbers for different outcomes of connecting/dissconecting a socket would be sufficent.

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There are no Standard C++ functions supporting sockets.

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However, the POSIX socket functions should all set the errno variable on error - you just need to examine this - it should be declared in errno.h..
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I would port to Boost.ASIO which will abstract networking differences and likely give you better performance by using asynchronous calls and overlapped IO.

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When you are done you code will work everywhere boost works..

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